Albion Student Art and Essay Contest

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Albion Community Student Art/Essay Contest
Mayor Dave Atchison and members of the Albion community have come together to develop
an Art and Writing Contest to engage students in meaningful and rewarding activities.
Elementary, middle, and high school students are invited to show their talent by participating
in Art, Poetry, Essays, or a Short Story Contest for students in grades 3-12. The Conorvirus
Pandemic may have hindered our mobility outside of our homes, but not the creativity of our
Our young graphic artists can draw picture(s) on paper, canvas, fabric, or other material. Our
literary artists may choose to write an essay, poetry, or short story on topics and themes
provided by the sponsors. Essay and short story writers should follow good writing skills by
including a clearly defined purpose, makes a definite point, supports that point with specific
information, connect the points, and use sentence structure that is concise, clear, and correct.
Written work is limited to a single page, #12 font double spaced. Entries submitted will not be